In compliance with the provisions of Law 172-13 (the “Law”) and the other legal regulations that relate to it, CONSORCIO PUERTO PLATA PORT INVESTMENTS/PROMOCIONES TURÍSTICAS MAHAHUAL (the “Company”) or (the “Responsible”), residing for the purposes of this notice at AVENIDA PENETRACION AL MUELLE ESQ ANTIGUA VIA FERREA, IN THE LA VIARA SECTOR OF THE CITY OF SAN FELIPE IN PUERTO PLATA. CP 57000, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, makes this privacy notice available to you, by virtue of which it will permanently seek that the processing of your personal data (hereinafter the "Personal Data") is legitimate, controlled and informed, with the purpose of guaranteeing the privacy of your Personal Data and the right to informational self-determination.

This Privacy Notice explains the privacy policies and practices that apply in the COMPANY in relation to the processing that we do with your Personal Data (with the understanding that processing is the obtaining, use, disclosure and storage of said data) and the measures that the COMPANY takes to protect your Personal Data. Please read this Privacy Notice carefully, by knowing it you are aware of it and agree with the terms and scope of the processing of your Personal Data. You expressly consent to the processing of your Personal Data, when you provide information to the COMPANY through any means. If you do not agree with the privacy policy contained in this notice, do not provide any information to the COMPANY or its representatives.

Any sending of information that you make to any of the public areas of the Website will be public data and will not be considered as Personal Data provided to the COMPANY. In these cases, the COMPANY will not have control and will not be responsible for the actions of other users of the Website or of clients with respect to any information that they put in public areas. The transfer of personal data to third parties is made only if you have consented it or when your consent is not required in terms of Applicable Law. This Privacy Notice is aimed at the COMPANY’S clients, who visit this website.


Personal data is considered as any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural or legal person.


For the purposes established in this Privacy Notice, the COMPANY may obtain the personal data referred to below:

  • A. Identification data: information that makes it possible to differentiate a person from other individuals. These data include name, title, autograph signature, electronic signature, copy of the document that proves your identity.
  • B. Contact information: information that allows us to keep in touch with you. These data include your address, tax address, address for the purposes of making deliveries, email, home phone or other contact phone.


The COMPANY can obtain your data in the following way:

  • When you register to access and use the Website
  • When you register on the Website to receive information and promotions
  • When you purchase products or services through the Website or in the stores of the COMPANY.
  • When you contact the COMPANY, through the Website, one of the COMPANY branches, or through the Customer Service Center Email: info@porttainobay.com. Regardless of the reason of the communication.
  • When you participate in a promotion or survey

The COMPANY may automatically obtain certain information when you visit the Website. This information includes the IP address associated with your computer equipment and the operating system you use, the web page from which you were linked to our Website, your activity within the Website, the date and time you visited our Online Store and your purchases. This information can be obtained through the use of "Cookies" and "Web Beacons".

The COMPANY may also obtain information from you indirectly when it is provided to us by third parties with whom we have contracted to support us in specific processes. These processes include correcting records, fraud prevention services, and offering special offers or products.


The purpose of the processing of your Personal Data is the following:

  • A. When you interact on third party social networks, (i.e., using functions such as "Like"), to serve you advertisements and to direct us to you on social networks. You can obtain more information about how these functions work, the profile data that we obtain from you, and learn how to exclude these functions, by accessing the privacy policies of the main social networks.
  • B. With your consent (when necessary), we will process your Personal Data to (i) analyze your preferences and habits, (ii) anticipate your needs based on the analysis of your profile, (iii) improve and personalize your experience on our websites and apps, (iv) ensure that the content of our websites and apps is optimized for you and your computing devices, (v) facilitate to you advertising and content oriented towards your tastes and/or needs, and (vi) allow you to participate in interactive functions, if you wish. For example, we will remember your username/email or username so that you can quickly access the next time you want to visit our Website or when you want to easily retrieve items previously added to your shopping cart. The use of Personal Data is voluntary, which implies that you can object to the processing of your Personal Data (or withdraw your consent) for this purpose.
  • C. Manage your account (online registration). This purpose includes processing your Personal Data for billing purposes; process product returns; keep a history of your transactions; manage loyalty, discount and rewards programs; carry out clarifications and investigations.
  • D. Communicate with you for different reasons related to your purchase including aspects related to the delivery of your order, notify you of the withdrawal of products or security aspects.
  • E. For Marketing Purposes. We may send you publications, surveys, or promotional information of various kinds such as coupons, offers (including personalized offers), and product recommendations (the "Promotional Information"). Please consider that sending you Promotional Information is not an activity that the COMPANY considers essential to maintain its relationship with you. If you prefer not to receive Promotional Information from the COMPANY, we ask you to let us know. You can contact us at any time to refuse the reception of Promotional Information. The fact that you decide not to receive Promotional Information will not affect the possibility of receiving from the COMPANY the services or items that you request from us.


The COMPANY shall not sell, lease or rent your Personal Data; however, it could share or transfer them to or with the following third parties:

  • a. Service Providers. The COMPANY can send your Personal Data to companies that provide some sort of service to the COMPANY. These services are provided for the COMPANY under the terms and conditions contained in the corresponding services agreement.
  • b. Third parties that use Personal Data based on legal motifs and/or due to a merger or acquisition. The COMPANY can share Personal Data based on legal motifs and/or due to a merger or acquisition.
  • c. Courier or logistics. The COMPANY can share Personal Data (including name, delivery address and/or contact information) to courier companies or delivery services that participate on the delivery process of the goods or services that you have or may have acquired from the COMPANY.
  • d. Authorities. The COMPANY may share your Personal data in compliance with the applicable law requirements and/or in fulfillment of instructions given by competent authority.

In any event, any and every third party which may be a party on the transfer of the mentioned Personal data shall be deemed to acknowledge the content of the present notice and to be obliged under its terms and conditions.

Whilst these companies or service providers may be located outside the Dominican Republic, these transfers may imply an international transfer of Personal Data.

If you do not agree on these transfers, we kindly request to avoid navigating and using our website.


In the event of any modification on the process of your Personal data, the content of this notices will be updated accordingly. The COMPANY has the right to make any and all changes or amendments at any time, therefore, we strongly request that you re-visit this notice frequently to be aware of any changes or updates.